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Friday, June 06, 2008

Paradox Part II - The Television Program

The Television Program

The words echoed loudly & repeatedly inside the mind
until the sound of an alarm overpowered the yearning voice.
Morning was here, grateful to the breakfast given by the state,
The television was turned on, & an execution was shown live.

A young convicted man was sentenced to death by firing squad
for having subversive documents, he was pronounced guilty.
Begged to the reapers a beamed last line before catching bullets.
"Oh God, please forgive them, for they did not know..." & then the shots.

The great leader appeared in the screen, holding a thick black book.
He pointed out that it is the primary cause of division.
Tore a page, made a smoking pipe out of it, & raised his pipe.
The audience rejoiced & sang in unison the hymns of the state.

Nothing new was seen on television, so it was then turned off.
Finished breakfast in a hurry, stormed the school like a freight train.
Along the way, words in the last dream came to mind once again.
Are they figments of imagination or are they really true?

There is a friend, who might truly listen, maybe he knows them.
When told about the dream, he laughingly dismissed the reverie.
Was finally deciding to forget the dream when class started.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Paradox Part I - The Dream

I'll start my poem series entitled "Paradox". This poem series was created due to an inspiration caused by the length of "Thick as a Brick" by Jethro Tull which is actually a very long song lasting for 48+ minutes. Hope you enjoy this piece & the succeeding parts.

The Dream

Maybe you will listen to this, maybe you will just ignore.
Or maybe you will find some things that you will someday explore.
Whatever the case, these words will come out naked in the light.
They will never be hindered by anyone, nor by self-made sight.

Look all around you, confusing things outnumber conscious minds!
Futile minds hide the truth in a place no one actually finds.
Self-satisfaction is the new fashion, Purpose brought to the bin.
Intangibles serve as lullabies, while tangibles make desperate minds keen.

Look at that thinker, he already does not know what is true.
Even his knowledge of not knowing he does not have a clue.
Without hesitation he jumps off a building testing his doubt.
Death quickly grabbed his entirety, his last words beamed in a shout.

Look at that person, now he speaks of equality & tolerance!
But he speaks of faith as intolerant, nothing but a nuisance.
Look how he argues his point with contradiction as side dish.
He is not making sense though inquiring minds he seems to fish.

See how total skepticism works? It comes to no truth nor lies.
Yet the effort to be impartial makes it really smell nice.
See how people are willing to be confused time & again.
While rotting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To The Secret State

Victory, order, magnificence are what you show to us,
yet they are only facets of the mask you are still wearing.
Hidden beneath the mask are fresh scars of oppression & fear
of your people living under your democratic system.

Hatred to some nations is what they plant in innocent hearts.
They fill up your people's minds with lies about your great leader.
Freedom to have faith is now in chains, unable to express.
They force your people to trust a being that is only dust.

How long will your sufferings last? When will the spilling of blood end?
Is it until all of your people are exterminated
that will make the philosophy of self-reliance crumble?
Is it until your infernal dynasty is overthrown?

Know this: There is a God, & He has heard your cries every night.
He does not rejoice in the sufferings of His true believers.
Soon you will be liberated from the oppressor's claws by grace
& once again, eternal light will be seen by your people.

Oh how your people long for the South, & the South longs for you!
They yearn for that day when the parallel wall will be torn down
& when the race of your people will be more reunified!
But now, the barrier landscape is still full of land mines & guards.

Hope this reaches you, if you can understand the passages.
I still hope.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Those Who Are Left Behind

& those people
that used to be here
will be missed so dearly.
Now they are so far away
that even the mind does not know
where they are, & what happened to them.
Uncertainty now falls on those left out.
Would destination be paradise or hell?
Maybe goals were set, but doubt still is in the air.
If it becomes too powerful, it results in fear.
If fear is extreme, it cripples the determination
to move on, but there is Loneliness serving as reminder
to press on, & as a result, the mind is torn between the two.
A harsh battle starts within, Confusion is the new sovereign king.
He rules with an iron scepter, & he causes decay of held hope.
Chaos is the essence of his laws, Peace is then sentenced to death.
The entirety of being is chained, unless the Rescuer comes.
He holds the real freedom, He directs our totality.
His will is always supreme, it is unchangeable.
A planned destruction cannot be grabbed from His hands.
Even He makes us believe, not by our might.
The only thing left to do is to trust.
Move on, without looking at the fear.
Ceasing is like a hungry beast,
devouring those in his path.
Loneliness is still there,
But there is that light
that continues
its guidance
& love
is real, incomparable, & everlasting.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's been more than a year already

...since I last updated this blog. Oh well. These are few of my poems to make up for the times I missed. ^_^

Fire & Ice

Two elements are in opposition.
One brings heat, other is in absorption
of that thing which brings vibration within,
then the potential to move becomes thin.

A colder ice tends to absorb more heat
from something hotter though not every bit.
When it envelops, chances become less
for something hotter found in its wholeness.

Pressure can help, not if there is less heat,
Especially inside a certain sheet.
A sheet of thick ice, unless there is force,
A force so great that shatters it to scores.

Many doubt the outside is existing,
when in fact they are hallucinating.
Numbed by the cold their vision is tainted
by mere illusions their mind has granted.

They know little about the Light outside,
The One that serves to the dark world a guide.
Lord, let Your axe of grace shatter the ice!
That they may tremble & be in surprise!

That will bring them to genuine repentance!

The Mirage & The Shadow Of The Oasis

All alone, was walking under the heat of the sun so fierce.
Sight of a desired oasis greatly delighted the mind.
The journey was then narrowed down to the path that led to it.
When the place was seen, everything turned out to be heaps of sand.

Then Agony set in, dreams started to shatter to pieces.
Pessimism blanketed the eyes with tears a thousandfold.
Losing life then began to be a desired place to go to.
This was asked: "What will serve as a poison, the sands or the sun?"

Then suddenly, someone in the wind whispered, "Come, follow Me."
The wind was followed for days & nights, never ceasing to rest.
The wind soon died out, which left a landscape still full of high dunes.
That hopeless night, being choked by the sands seemed necessary.

The sands soon engulfed the helpless body unrelentlessly
Until a bright light shone within the sands that caused revival.
The light came from a book, which was then grabbed, & the sands gave way,
& the moon, along with the sky & wind, presented themselves.

The book was read, & there was the map to the true oasis.
Nothing else to believe, the book was believed wholeheartedly.
After days & nights of trusting, a shadow of paradise
Promised to give a new life, although so far away.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Top 107 LSS songs of 2006

Sorry it took THAT long. LOL. Anyways, here's mine.

1. "When The Truth Rings Out" - Hanover Saints
2. "Fight To Win" - The Deal
3. "The Witch & The Lion" - Narnia
4. "Book Of Secrets" - Balance Of Power
5. "Color Blind" - Michael Sweet
6. "Human Sacrifice" - Vengeance Rising
7. "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" - Frost Like Ashes
8. "Hold Fast" - Flatfoot 56
9. "Sanctuary" - Jacobs Dream
10. "Everwinter" - Immortal Souls
11. "Nothing To Lose" - One-21
12. "Blow & Go" - One Bad Pig
13. "On Legendary" - Further Seems Forever
14. "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" - Ajalon
15. "We Are" - Number One Gun
16. "Progress" - Crashdog
17. "Goodtimes" - Lugnut
18. "The Reign" - Stryper
19. "Looked For In The First Place" - Dear Ephesus
20. "This Present Darkness" - Deliverance
21. "Playing With Fire" - Detritus
22. "Joe's Sick" - Slick Shoes
23. "Do & Don't" - MxPx
24. "JW" - Huntingtons
25. "The Truth" - Dogs Of Peace
26. "Jesus Eternal" - Fold Zandura
27. "Let That Be Enough" - Switchfoot
28. "Stand Up" - Petra
29. "Say" - Sleeping At Last
30. "Ignite" - Living Sacrifice
31. "Fistful Of Sand" - Five Iron Frenzy
32. "Moving Underground" - The Dingees
33. "I Will" - Sonicflood
34. "Invert The Inverted Cross" - Horde
35. "Terminate Damnation" - Mortification
36. "Fight For What Is Right" - Headnoise
37. "Bobby & Susie" - Officer Negative
38. "The One I'm Waiting For" - Relient K
39. "Does Anybody Hear Her" - Casting Crowns
40. "Faith Like That" - Jonah33
41. "Hold It Up To The Light" - Smalltown Poets
42. "Don't Wanna Know" - Lloyd
43. "Eileen's Song" - Burlap To Cashmere
44. "Calibrate The Virus" - Winter Solstice
45. "Open" - No Innocent Victim
46. "Oblivion" - Project 86
47. "Breed The Tyrants" - Sorrowstorm
48. "Change Inside Me" - MercyMe
49. "Wake The Dead" - Comeback Kid
50. "The Way I Feel" - 12 Stones
51. "Take Me Away" - Sarah Kelly
52. "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier" - As I Lay Dying
53. "Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus" - Audio Adrenaline
54. "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" - Underoath
55. "The Seventh Star" - Seventh Star
56. "Substance" - Haste The Day
57. "Worlds Apart" - Jars Of Clay
58. "Cheese Whiz Craze" - Don't Know
59. "Love Your Enemies" - Smiley Kids
60. "Tale Of The Ballydowse" - Ballydowse
61. "Jigsaw" - The Insyderz
62. "Slipshod" - Skratchline
63. "Gearhead" - War Rocket Ajax
64. "Something Must Break" - Ninety Pound Wuss
65. "Stop The Hate" - Twiceborn
66. "Homesick" - Value Pac
67. "Silence Is A Weakness" - Fire Engine Red
68. "Who Got The Meaning?" - The Elms
69. "Bloodsucker Pt. II" - As Cities Burn
70. "Return Of The Revolution" by O.C. Supertones
71. "Blood On The Tracks" - The Redemption Song
72. "Wrong Is Wrong" - Hangnail
73. "Rest Assured" - Dogwood
74. "Scarab" - xDISCIPLEx A.D.
75. "The Best Of Me" - Bloody Sunday
76. "Cost Of The Cause" - The CafFiends
77. "I'm So Sick" - Flyleaf
78. "Change The World (Last Ones)" - Anberlin
79. "Free To Conquer" - Subseven
80. "Show Me Your Glory" - Third Day
81. "Sink-N-Swim" - Plumb
82. "This Fragile Breath" - Todd Agnew
83. "Decay" - Indwelling
84. "High" - Calibretto 13
85. "Roses Are Red" - The Cootees
86. "Buy My Record" - Neon Cross
87. "It's A Jungle Out There" - Mastedon
88. "Alone Together" - The 77s
89. "Infected" - Demon Hunter
90. "Burn" - Ultimatum
91. "Kiss Me" - Sixpence None The Richer
92. "Viva Satellite" - Skypark
93. "Shine" - Newsboys
94. "War Within" - Mortal Treason
95. "Sentence Served" - Istra
96. "A Monument Encased In Ash" - The Showdown
97. "Bad Marriage" - Craig's Brother
98. "The Coldest Heart" - The Classic Crime
99. "Take Cover" - Acceptance
100. "The Hour Of Decision" - Alove For Enemies
101. "Aimless Endeavor" - Beloved
102. "Forever Yours" - Blank Logic
103. "Another Day/Another War" - Blessed By A Broken Heart
104. "History Maker" - Delirious?
105. "Fell In Love With The Game" - Blindside
106. "Hearts Of The Innocent" - Kutless
107. "The Space In Between Us" - Building 429

Whew... Well, that's all from me. ^_^

Thursday, October 19, 2006

105 Symptoms to know that you're a Filipino Christian punk-head if...

Again. haha. Factoids you have to watch out ^_^. & May I emphasize again:
Some of the things here are only my viewpoints. So don't flood me with hate comments or something. This is posted here for fun & enlightenment purposes only. Again I do not intend here to generalize things. Just read & enjoy. ehehe.
1. Importantly, You believe that Jesus died for you so that you will be saved through the fires of Hell, & you have accepted Him as your personal Lord & Savior.
2. You think the best band that came out of Christian punk is HANOVER SAINTS.
3. You dream of your band having bassist that aren't that good in playing bass guitars.
4. You became the scourge of most Christian Conservatives & also Christian Fundies.
5. You believe that anarchy is a prison, so you shout one of One Bad Pig's songs from the album "A Christian Banned" to all the Anarchists out there.
6. You can chant 8-12 lines in just under a minute. Take note that each line must contain 20 syllables.
7. You're not gay, & you abhor homosexuality, because the Bible forbids it. But you're not a homophobe.
8. You dream of learning how to play bagpipes.
9. You're singing "When The Truth Rings Out" by Hanover Saints while taking a bath, & at times you're being heard by the next-door neighbor who will be really horrified by the crashing sounds that you're making inside the bathroom.
10. You also listen to bands like Kutless & Jars Of Clay on rock stations & also Christian stations on radio, but you perform a circle pit when you heard The Deal's songs over the radio.
11. You can say the word "Oi!" with a perfectly Scottish accent.
12. You know that Colin of The Deal drinks milk in their "Richard Bachmann" video, so you do the same by singing the same song while buying fresh milk at the grocery of a nearby SM branch, causing some people to frown or laugh at you while you do that.
13. You have a guitar, & you use only a half of it, i.e. only the base strings.
14. You've broken one of your electric fans in the house while circle-pitting with the song J.C.H.C. by Officer Negative.
15. You prefer the old Squad Five-O than the new, compromised one.
16. You prefer the old MxPx than the new one.
17. You've managed to collect most of Crashdog's songs through subscription to
18. You've been demised hearing that Johnny Cash was dead three years ago.
19. You think Christian progressive is OK, but Christian progressive punk is much better (Craig's Brother for example)
20. You've known alredy that Christian punk started in the U.K., & you've been dreaming to get 70's Christian punk CDs at Crossrhythms (Bill Mason Band, 100% Proof, Giantkiller, Ishmael United, etc.)
21. You've been dreaming of starting a Christian Old School Punk & Hardcore band in the Philippines, nevertheless of the music (Old School Punk & Hardcore) which is underground & only familiar with the few folks currently spread around the Philippines, mostly around Bulacan. 22. You've composed a 40-second song (with a lot of lyrics) because you've been impressed by the song "Sing Along Song" by Officer Negative.
23. You know that two of the fastest punk rock bands in America are Christian (Lugnut, 90 lb. wuss)
24. You've been dreaming to get a copy of Lugnut's debut album, Like The Dickens, which has 17 tracks clocking the whole album at only 22 minutes.
25. You've also been dreaming to get hold of all 90 lb. wuss albums at christiandl, but gotten really frustrated honestly when they weren't still re-uploading them up.
26. You've also dreamt of coming to Cornerstone to see Ballydowse, Psalters, or Headnoise perform.
27. You're a Relient K fan.
28. You frown at anyone who thinks Thiessen's gay just because they toured with Simple Plan & Good Charlotte at a Warped Tour.
29. You know that good drumming skills are needed in punk rock, but also you know that too much complexity in drums produces jazz music.
30. You're not comfortable really with jazz music.
31. You like downloading some of the mp3s of the songs of your favorite punk bands in free downloading sites.
32. You know about more than five possible downloading sites of the Christian punk song mp3s you desire to save into your computer.
33. You're at times dancing to The Dingees' "Leave The Kids Alone"
34. You've been dreaming to go to Puerto Rico to see Clear Convictions perform.
35. You turned the volume of your radio into maximum when you heard One-21's "Morality" was playing there.
36. You also contemplate a band name with the word "The" on it, for example, The Redeemed, The Oppressed, The Crushed, etc.
37. Your composed lyrics will probably be more about the experiences that you have as a Christian.
38. You exchanged "J.C.H.C." for your term "cool" in your everyday conversations with anyone.
Example conversation:
FCP (Filipino Christian Punk-head): Have you watched "Passion Of The Christ"?
FCP: That's so... J.C.H.C.!!!
39. You're probably one of the tablespoonful FCP's here in the country.
40. You know those who think that FCPs are losers return their loser comment to themselves because you know by their judging of Christian Punk is lame, oxymoronic, & plain stupid just shows their box they don't wanna go out from.
41. You think mixing genres is OK for you because you know The Dingees & The Insyderz did it. 42. You don't feel down because by the grace of God you still believe that you can have a band that has songs which equal the speed of Lugnut's & 90 lb. wuss'.
43. You have a harsh & husky voice that you acquired by singing One-21's "Nothing To Lose" five times a day.
44. You also use Seventh Star songs to clear up your throat.
45. Your dream music video is shot with your hairstyle that's mohawk.
46. You think that being a straight-edger (SxE) is cool.
47. You still dream of having an old school Punk & Hardcore song with a Christian Tagalog lyrics. 48. You think that an old school punk & hardcore Christian Tagalog lyric is awesome because it has also a forceful tone that can at times rival German language in punk music.
49. You've been dreaming to hear a sample of Jesus Skins, a German Christian Skinhead punk band.
50. You've rejoiced seeing a Dogwood video being played at 1cubed.
51. You've been planning to shoot a music video in Golden Acres.
52. You know that misconceptions that spring with Christian punk usually are logically fallacious.
53. You always correct anyone who mistakes you for a pagan.
54. You know the "rebellion" being used in some of Christian Punk Bands' lyrics refer to the rebellion to the worldly system ^_^.
55. You know that #54 is portrayed in Fire Engine Red's "Don't Be Like The World".
56. You detest the "Cornato" hand.
57. You're not against doing the Mosh-pit & the Circle-pit.
58. You know that there's rebuke in the Scripture.
59. You've been planning to use rebuking elements in one of your punk songs.
60. You have "J.C.H.C." as your alias.
61. You know what J.C.H.C. means.
62. You're not racist.
63. You're a Creationist pilosopher.
64. You also plan to include Apologetics in the lyrics of your songs.
65. You dream of starting your album with the sound of many people conversing similar to that of MxPx's "Delores' & Hanover Saints' "The Promised Land"
66. Everyone knows who your favorite bands are by reading your own rules about bein an FCP.
67. You dream of being a mascot.
68. You want to learn Scottish Tap-dancing.
69. You envision having The Insyderz's songs in the Praise & Worship sessions at your church.
70. You think that having a girl in the vox is pretty cool, just like what Headnoise did.
71. You think Synthesizers are kinda cool in punk music.
72. You're influenced musically by those bands that are being played in Time Bomb every Wednesday night at NU 107.
73. You're also listening to emo-punk bands like Antiskeptic & Ace Troubleshooter.
74. You're dismayed at the lack of Christian punk albums bein featured at
75. You're aware that at times you hate melodic music, at times you're not.
76. You know that you'll go to the place you've known already if you feel guilty reading #75 but lie to people about it.
77. You're also aware that most of the time you like melody in old school punk & hardcore songs.
78. You've composed songs that have one-word titles.
Example: "Rally", "Revolt", "Revolution", etc. are ideal titles of the songs for your dream album.
79. The only exciting show for you on NU 107 is Against The Flow.
80. You've given the radio show mentioned in #79 a CD which contained one of your Christian punk rock compilations.
81. You're a closet Christian black metal rocker, but Hanover Saints is still your preferred band.
82. You're dreaming of a band that has a music which can rival Black Flag.
83. Christian new school hardcore rock music is also OK for you.
84. You still mosh/circle-pit at Dodgin' Bullets' "Tomorrow The World Will Change".
85. You headbang to Bloody Sunday's songs.
86. You've bought a No Innocent Victim tape at an SM store for just 60 pesos.
87. You thought Sanitary Department sounded like Sex Pistols.
88. You thought One-21 sounded like The Exploited or Rancid.
89. Crashdog is so awesome for you.
90. You have no trouble singing Lugnut's "82".
91. You've composed very short songs.
92. You shouted "Chux Wife!" during a very quiet departmental examination.
93. You never fail to mosh-pit with yourself while singing any Hanover Saints song.
94. You're actually moshing/circle-pitting with yourself inside your house while listening to any Hanover Saints song.
95. You thought that the Levites are Straight-Edge punks because of their lifestyle.
96. You always grab a straw after ordering a meal at Jollibee (Jollibee is Philippines' answer to McDonald's) & then raise it up for everyone to see, & then you shout, "WE'RE PONY SOLDIERS, JUST LIKE I TOLD YA" & then perform an improvised moshpit/circle-pit with yourself to the already irritated people around you.
97. You already are a skinheaded guy.
98. You know that drummers get the major workout in gigs.
99. Your composed lyrics are very straight-forward... no big words are found within the lyrics of your songs.
100. You believe that MxPx + Slick Shoes = Side Walk Slam.
101. You have a compilation CD that contained 31 songs because of War Rocket Ajax's songs.
102. You insist that Christian old school punk & hardcore is musically different than all that "seckie junk."
103. Drugs , Sex, & Alcohol are not J.C.H.C.
104. You're always listening to Hanover Saints.
105. You're bein judged by Christian conservatives & fundies as a drug addict, because you admire "Devil's music." Because many drug addicts according to them listen to Punk music...

That's all for now hee hee :D

Monday, September 11, 2006

The perils of having computer shops around you which have pseudo-DSL connections

Well... I can't imagine how many are they... but beware of those computer shops that say, "Oh, we've got a DSL connection!" & yet the downloading speed is 4-5 kbps. Yes. & I've shelled out maybe hundreds of pesos trying to be patient with the downloading speeds of these cafes. Sigh. & yeah, you'll ask things like, "Why is your internet connection like this? It took me 4 hours to download a file!" & they will answer things like, "Sir, we shortened the bandwidth speed because of some guys here playing online games." I've got nothing against online gamers, but to simply post on their doors, "We have a shorter bandwidth for you internet users." will simply make things much easier & less complicated. Sometimes I want to ask the world, "Where are the internet cafes that are FOR internet users?" Maybe they all became game stations. Or maybe they're like the next endangered species in the Philippine soil. Where are those internet cafes that prioritize people who check their e-mails, downloading some stuff from the internet, etc.? Maybe this post is kinda shallow, but hey, if you've got some important things to download for example on the internet & these deceiving shops will say the "Oh sir, we've got a short bandwidth" thing to you, then you must think twice about that shop. In the first place they're there to provide internet service for internet users. That's all. God Bless you all...

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Anthem, The War Cry, whatever you call it...

I heard this song by Flatfoot 56 called "The Ode". It sounded to me like some soldiers were singing. Oh well... the lyric is short.

Jump on aboard young bonny lad. We'll fight like our fathers before,and we won't stop until freedom's found in this awful, bloody war, We proudly raise the colors of our flag. We'll fight for honor and our God, And we will fight the evil foe who now has sword in hand.

When I heard some of the songs from Flatfoot 56's sophomore album, it was like being taken to Scotland to eat some haggis or something. Nevertheless, they rock. Old school hardcore/punk from the 80's meets a bagpiper from a school band. & oh, they have released a new album, called Knuckles Up. This album is entitled Waves of War. I think a Filipino band who will incorporate indigenous elements or instruments to old school punk rock will surely make a new scene within a scene that's bein plagued by alternative rock love songs & frustrations, etc. Flatfoot 56 is one of those bands that carried British punk to the 21st century. Others maybe became frustrated because of money. Oh well... that's all for me now. SxE rules!!! Down with Anarchy & Neo-fascism!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Today seems like forever... but really afraid to look ahead

Well this is my dilemma right now. I'm really clueless as to what really the future holds for me. I'm behind for a year, but then I'm happy. I don't know, maybe my maker provided me with overwhelming joy for a week. I answered with 95% certainty my first departmental exam in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. It seemed as though every moment now has been taking forever. I will still be thankful though if this moment will last forever, but I don't know what the future holds for me. So there's with me the thing called "hidden panic". Maybe that's overwhelming grace. Something I didn't deserve after almost a week of not having a personal, complete, quiet time with the Lord. Maybe a God-shaped hole has started again to form within me. But really, I'm thankful for all the blessings that came to me especially those in disguise, even though during those times I forgot to be thankful. Maybe I wasn't sensitive enough to see them, or really preoccupied with other things. I'm more now of an intercessor; maybe that's where my satisfaction lies... comes along with the whole package of loving my Savior. Maybe I should stop doubting Him & start to press on to the things I really should do. Maybe I should start to come out of my box & really put into action what should be put. Well, that's all for now. Good Evening to you readers...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CCM Downloads, Forums, Thesis, A Mysterious Program & all the blah blah

A monthly blog?! No way, man. I told myself. So I posted again & then here it is... oh well... First of all I would like to give my biggest appreciation to a German dude named Herbert, who has this really great passion for our already un-trusted country & even put up a site with some photos from the tourist spots here... & man was I touched by his passion for this country which is really soaked up with politics, showbiz, & poverty. How I wish more Pinoys will have the guts to put up a site similar to his on their Blogspot accounts or whatever. & If you want to visit his site, go to the links below this blogpage... with the name "Herbert". Got it? Got it. He he. There's this site I was referred to which I became a member & became overjoyed because of those whole, free album downloads of CCM bands & artists. It's on Christian Downloads & the link can be seen on the Extra Links part of this blogpage. I'm also getting preoccupied with the forums on Christianster & well... no comment... & yup... my Capsule Proposal! It's kinda undergoin another make-over so I ask for more prayers for the proposal... A mysterious program was sent to me which can read your mind by having those symbols & numbers & mathematics bein smacked down to your face like a stone. I don't know how the stuff works, but if I find out that it's of the Accuser I will delete it immediately from my briefcase. Well, who knows, maybe it's only from a really complex algorithm he he. Well... I think that's all for now... keep visitin because I may post some interesting stuff in days to come... Well... Au Revoir... God Bless you all & May the Lord's light shine on you all forever & ever... Jesus Christ is HardCore (J.C.H.C.)!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's been a while... & I'm back... How time flies so fast

It's been a while now since I last posted a blog. Many interesting events had come into my life just like a blink of an eye; before you know it everything had happened already. But one thing I'd been rebuked upon was my misplaced priorities... argh. & now I bear the consequences of those things. It just so happened that I've been given that much opportunity but I still didn't grab them so that I may use them for something useful. Instead, I wasted so many hours (& so many money) for that. Anyways, performances were here & there for our organization, & the people there are really tired to the bone that one was sleeping for three hours now at our tambayan (tambayan is the name given to any place in the campus which houses an organization). Chemistry boards are nearing, & my former blockmates are kinda rushing themselves (I think) to their reviewers for a full-blast frenzy for long-lost information from their old chemistry textbooks (ha ha). As for me, I'm still waiting for my Capsule proposal which has been passed two weeks ago & yet I don't have any news as of the moment because I think the professors are kinda preoccupied with some things... Oh well, I really miss my batchmates... thinking that some of them were professors already, some are working for companies, some are just bumming around, etc.... I think that's all for now... & two months from now my first anniversary of the teenage years thrown away will be celebrated, & yesterday was my S-birthday... if you know what I mean... he he...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Christian punk started making waves in U.K. in 1979

Yup... Before '79 there were a few bands didn't get attention like Ishmael United & Giantkiller. & then there was Bill Mason Band, who started making waves in the punk scene in 1979 with their release, "No Sham!" (please see smaller picture) If you have some lyrics for their songs, can you please... please... please place their lyrics in my comment space... & I will be glad if you do... How I wish some site will provide some mp3s of some of the songs from these guys... Oh well. & Oh, check out also 100% Proof. They're also in the vein of 70s-80s Christian punk rock. I'm really surprised that there's this punk scene two years back before Undercover in the U.S. in 1982 released their self-titled debut album (see larger picture).
Undercover (1982):
1. Exuse Us
2. Heal Me
3. I'll Be A Fool
4. Francine
5. It's Official
6. Turn Your Head
7. Look It Up
8. Read It In A Letter
9. Daddy-O
10. Tonight
11. Stop
12. He's In Love With You
13. I.C.U.
14. He Gives We Have
15. Dying In Love
No Sham! (1979):
1. Billy & The Rotas
2. Detectivse
3. Out On The Streets
4. I Don't Want you
5. Stand Up & Be Counted
6. Radio
7. I Got The Answers
8. Mr. G.
9. Get Inside
10. Lost Years
By the way... I got these infos from, & from the site of the Christian punk band Undercover. Well... that's all for now.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rediscovering my youth, & back then my articles are kinda controversial.

Well... I redisovered my old blogsite... I kinda posted some intersting things there back in February to March 2005. Kinda interesting to look back on those good old days where I just sit at the computer & just blasted my insights off to the blog-hopping public. Oh well... Here are just of the FCM bands I discovered that had Soundclick accounts (yup... & some of them have free mp3 downloads to boot!)... BoughtByBlood, & Ramoth Gilead. Seeing the site of Filipino Metal really puts to the world the almost-biased state of Metal scene here... the occult, atheism, etc., hackneyed themes of metal. I think it will be the most controversial thing here if somehow a Christian metal band here in the country made its way to the airwaves... I think it would be cool also if I had a band that's kinda like Mortification meets Horde plus Crimson Moonlight, & then the instrumentals will be kinda like Immortal Souls... I recently listened to "Scarab" by xDISCIPLEx A.D. in the net, & somehow the music's kinda moshable. I also like to hear some songs from No Innocent Victim's "No Compromise" album, because I've seen in some comments in that their style here is old school hardcore. Oh well, that's all for now, & God bless the Philippine Youth! Vi de udødelige inviterer dere til å slå dere sammen med oss...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Research proposal mania... ha ha... & other stuff about AIDS

Well... I just started looking for proteins in HIV that have conserved sequences. he he. Just now. I'm really inspired by the "Wonder Drug" created by my friend through AutoDock (a molecular docking program) which inhibits the activity of HIV-2 reverse transcriptase. Yup. A potential component of the under-construction cure for the dreaded disease which most of us are very afraid of. I really want to do Molecular Docking research in my thesis because: 1. I'm really flabbergasted at the very large number of heterocyclic molecules stored in's database, & I want to make some use of some of the compounds there (many of which has no name) 2. I want to do an AIDS-related research, &, 3. I'm having a difficulty when it comes to finances. & look what I've seen... a Tat protein (TAT = Transactivating regulatory). The protein in the virus that causes it to reproduce. I don't know if I would be taking a lonely path or what, but God knows, maybe there's really an inhibitor that's not toxic. I have seen (maybe) potential analogs in the Heterocycles website, & God willing, I can propose a new inhibitor replacing the old RO 24-7429. Prayers for me, because I really need a Molecular Docking topic for my thesis & I really want to graduate next semester. I'm really clueless for a back-up topic, but I really want it to be an inhibitor proposal for another HIV protein. Well, that's all for now.